University of West Hungary (NymE)

University of West Hungary (NymE)

     The University of West Hungary is known as one of the top higher educational institutions in Hungary. Its campuses can be found in four Western Hungarian towns. The university offers a broad range of training and degree programmes, from undergraduate programmes (BA, BSc) to master programmes (MA, MSc) and doctoral (PhD, DLA) programmes in the fields of natural, technical, agricultural and social sciences (e.g. economics), arts, applied arts and education. It has 8 faculties. The research structure of the University of West Hungary has reached „European” standards due to the investments of the last years. It is significant because the researchers have the highest quality equipment, the base for a long-term, serious and well-founded basic research and also the instruments for proving the applicability of research results. The university has career centres for students in all faculties. Number of staff (01-01-2015): 1242, number of students: 11 thousand (2014)

     The Faculty of Economics was established in 2000. The Doctoral School of the Faculty was accredited in 2001; therefore it became possible to get PhD degree and to conduct habilitation procedure, even in foreign languages. The Faculty of Economics offers the following programmes:

     BA programmes: Business Administration and Management, Business Administration and Management in German language, International Business Economics (with English modules), Commerce and Marketing, Finance and Accounting

     MA programmes: Public Policy and Management, Management and Leadership, Business Development, International Economy and Business (German module), Regional and Environmental Economic Studies, Accountancy, Tourism Management

     The Faculty offers post-graduate courses it is also possible to get PhD-degree in its Doctoral School.

     The Faculty also has vocational trainings in the following fields: Business Administration and Management, Commerce and Marketing, International Business, Finance and Accounting, Tourism and Catering.