Ресейлік ұйымдар

Federal state autonomous institution of higher professional education “Peoples’ friendship university of Russia” (PFUR)

People’s Friendship University of Russia is a unique international university annually teaching students from 145-150 countries of the world. It is also the only university in Russia with such multiprofile structure and fundamental education, which enables PFUR alumni to build careers in all the countries of the world including developed countries in various spheres of industry, business, research and public administration.

Federal State Budgeting Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education “Samara State University of Economics” (SSEU)

Samara State University of Economics is a major public university performing education, research and innovation in a wide range of programs in the fields of economics and management, as well as jurisprudence, ecology, sociology, education, land management and land inventories, information security and innovation.

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev» (Orel State University)

Orel state University – the first university in Russia, developed and implemented the concept of deep integration of education, science and industry in the form of educational – research and production complex (Russian President Award in Education 2005).
Unique professors – teaching staff of the Orel state University includes 120 doctors and members of various academies, more than 500 candidates of technical, economics, law, physical – mathematical, biological, chemical and other sciences.

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (MINOBRNAUKI ROSSII)

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (MINOBRNAUKI ROSSII) oversees scientific institutions, education and school accreditation in the RF. MINOBRNAUKI ROSSII was established on March 9, 2004 by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation N 314.