Quality control and Monitoring

The general supervision of the project activity quality of the project will be done by the Steer committee that is elected at the very start of the first stage. The overall quality control is divided to internal and external assurance procedures, which will be detailed by the Steer committee during the first stage of the project. The internal Quality Assurance (QA) would occur at every stage of the project in the form of periodic quality monitoring by experts appointed by the Steer committee. Experts would be chosen among the field researches from partner universities to ensure their full understanding of the project aims and expected results. At the end of the first stage of the project the outcome would be a series of publications – joint report on the present state of business-cooperation forms in EU, a report on business requirements and a survey of legislation gaps between partner countries and EU legislation. Each of these documents would consist of parts, prepared by each partner university, where the preliminary internal QA would be done by internal experts. They would examine each part of document with regard to compliance to the requirements set by the Steer committee, such as clarity of language, structure, argumentation validity, source coverage, applicability. An example reference draft would be prepared by the Steer committee in the beginning of the project.

The external quality assurance would be done by selected business representatives and state regulators, providing a result-oriented evaluation of the project process flow. The quality of experimental implementation and final system draft document would be done by previously appointed partner university experts , business associate member reviewers and Ministry peers. Due to the unique character of the presumed project outcome the benchmarks will not be available, thus the compliance to the original project aims and specific business and regulator requirements would be evaluated.