Project management

The head management body of the consortium would be the Steer Committee which would be elected at the kick-off meeting at the very beginning of the project. It would consist of deans of corresponding faculties in partner universities. The Steer Committee president will be elected at the same meeting and would derive from one of the EU partner universities. The Steer committee will be responsible for both strategic management and the overall project quality management and monitoring. The management procedures will be basing on the «Steer Committee Charter», while the quality monitoring will base on «Project Quality Assurance statute» document, which both would be defined and drafted by partner universities in the beginning of the project. Both documents are described in greater detail in the “Quality plan” and “Management” work packages of the current form.

The Steer committee would also draft the “Project Operations management Charter”, specifying the operations of the Working Group, which would be performing the operational management activities. It would act as the operations centre for the on-going coordination of participating universities and business associations during the fulfilment of the project activities. The working group would consist of the partner university member administrative staff.

The Working Group would communicate mostly via electronic methods and will govern the completion of task parts in each partner university. The tasks would pre-allocated by the joint discussion of the Working Group. This is predominantly concerns the preparation of joint reports during the lifetime of the project, for the reason of them being composed of parts created by each partner university. Namely they are – Up-to-date employer needs joint report, Implementation report and Overview of EU HEI-business cooperation experience. Each partner is requested to perform a certain activity and write a study statement about it. The latter should be done in a certain form and contain specified information, necessary for combining them into the joint document. The forms of such survey result forms would be created and disseminated by the partner university responsible for publishing the joint report in each activity. Other tasks are firmly allocated and should be timely performed by all partner universities, thus not requiring a special allocation procedure in the management.

The Working Group would also operatively decide on the re-allocation of planned resource if a justified need in this will occur due to some unexpected events during the course of the project.