Federal state Budgeting Educational Institution of Higher Professional Educatoin “Samara State University of Economics” (SSEU)

Short presentation

   Samara State University of Economics is a major public university performing education, research and innovation in a wide range of programs in the fields of economics and management, as well as jurisprudence, ecology, sociology, education, land management and land inventories, information security and innovation.

The University has highly-qualified scientific and pedagogical staff. The university employs more than 500 tutors, of whom more than 70% have a degree and a grade.

Training on the basic educational programs of Specialist, Bachelor’s, Master’s degree and Specialized secondary education is conducted on 9 Educational Standards: 22 specialties of Higher Professional Education, 13 – Bachelor’s programs, 7 – Master’s degree programs and 3 – Specialized secondary education. The university has over 10,000 students and 2,500 students of additional education programs. The University has trained more than 75,000 professionals.

The university has established and operates a unique single informational and educational environment that contains more than 2,500 EUMK, allowing providing synchronous and asynchronous interaction between students and tutors. Material and technical equipment of the educational process allows conducting classes using the virtual technology.

The university created 6 basic departments at the leading enterprises of the region: JSC “AvtoVAZ”, LLC “Plant of light metal structures” Architect”, JSC” RQC “Progress”, JSC “BFI JSC” Aviacor “, JSC “Volga Aero Surveying Company”, LLC “Plain code”, providing an effective career-oriented training.

Role of organization in the project

Samara State University of Economics is one of the best examples of a relatively large Russian regional HEI with good position in its own and neighboring regions. It has wide connections with regional and local Russian businesses of both national and smaller scale. SSUE has an active position towards implementing the business-university cooperation methods and bring the educational process align with international standards. At the same time, the HEI is deeply involved into real-life problems and limitation of its regional status, such as limited student base, relatively unchanged list of possible employers, teacher staff mobility issues, administrative staff qualification and similar. These issues are typical for all reginal HEI of Russia. Therefore the role of SSUE in the project is contributing the experience of dealing with these problems to project activities and forming the project outcomes correspondingly.

Samara State University of Economics

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