Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education «Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev» (Orel State University)

Short presentation

Orel state University – the first university in Russia, developed and implemented the concept of deep integration of education, science and industry in the form of educational – research and production complex (Russian President Award in Education 2005)

Unique professors – teaching staff of the Orel state University includes 120 doctors and members of various academies, more than 500 candidates of technical, economics, law, physical – mathematical, biological, chemical and other sciences.

Scientific – innovative structure of Orel state University includes 10 scientific – educational centers, 5 scientific – research institutes, 20 science – research laboratories, 6 test centers and laboratories, 13 ventures with the participation of the State University – ESPC

Orel state University enrolls approximately 20 000 students and more than 600 graduate and doctoral students, including those working in the real sectors of economic.

Orel state University is the leading strategic partner of the Government of the Oryol region in implementation of projects and programs aimed at social – economic development of the region

Orel state University is the monopolist in training for the regional industry. Most of the educational programs correspond to the priority areas of economic development of Russia and Oryol region

Orel state University is strategic partner for industrial companies in the region in the field of training and joint applied research

The development of a network of regional economic entities, testing and creative centers and laboratories

Long-term regional target program “Development of the base of the building materials industry and construction industry in Oryol Region till 2030” based on innovative technologies and principles biosphere compatible program -target control.

International activity is one of the major directions of the university activities.The main aim of the international activities is the internationalization of education, improving the quality of educational programs for training, retraining and advanced training of researchers, faculty members, fundamental and applied scientific research by taking advantage of the international division of labor and cooperation, export of educational services.

Role of organization in the project

OREL STATE UNIVERSITY is another relatively large Russian regional HEI with good positions in terms of both regional employer connections and popularity among regional students. The management of OREL STATE UNIVERSITY understands the shape and strategic direction of ongoing processes in national education and has is actively implementing the business projects and initiatives into the study process and growing up to international standards. At the same time, OREL STATE UNIVERSITY is strongly connected to down-to-earth problems and specificity of the regional position of the HEI.  Relatively short and constant list of possible employers, teacher staff wage and mobility issues, limited amount of students in region, low student mobility qualified administrative staff employment are among the most common problems of all regional HEI in Russia. In the project OREL STATE UNIVERSITY is engaged in implementing its experience of dealing with these problems to forming the project outcomes. Also OREL STATE UNIVERSITY has practically not been involved into international projects of such scale, which also allows building up experience of spreading the Erasmus educational space.