Federal state autonomous institution of higher professional education “Peoples Friendship university of Russia” (PFUR)

Short presentation

People’s Friendship University of Russia is a unique international university annually teaching students from 145-150 countries of the world. It is also the only university in Russia with such multiprofile structure and fundamental education, which enables PFUR alumni to build careers in all the countries of the world including developed countries in various spheres of industry, business, research and public administration.

Multilevel education system «Bachelor — Master — PhD» and a credit system of studies allow the PFUR students to obtain European Diploma Supplements in 5 foreign languages and to participate in academic exchanges with other universities around the globe.

The University is a team of 2,826 highly qualified teachers, among them 16 full members of the RF Academy of Sciences and other RF Academies, 600 professors and holders of doctoral degree, more than 1,300 associate professors and holders of PhD. degree. More than 500 employees are inventors and rationalizers. The University intellectual fund comprises more than 900 authors’ invention certificates and 282 patents of the Russian Federation.

Among more than 27000 students almost 40% are international students. 104 national students associations actively promote cultures and traditions in the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect.

PFUR has a multi-profile structure – there are faculties of Economics, Science, Philology, Humanitarian and Social Sciences, Engineering, Agronomy and Ecology, the Institute of Law and the Institute of Medicine. Students are trained in 76 majors and lines of study. Curricular in foreign languages is one of the University features. PFUR has close contacts with African, Asian, Latin American and European countries, CIS, USA and Canada. There are 280 academic exchange programs with partner universities.

Having more than 80 joint Master’s programs with famous universities of the world PFUR is the leader among Russian universities in double-diplomas programs. There are more than 200 Master’s programs in English and Spanish.

Since 1993 PFUR has always been in the top 4 best universities of Russia. It is a large scientific center for fundamental and applied research. Priority direction of the education process is the integration of Russian higher school in the world academic space.

Role of organization in the project

PFUR is one of the largest HEI in Russia, with a large network of international connections and stronk links to a vast number of companies of both multinational and national character. This position has predetermined the vital role PFUR plays in the current consotrium. Its expertise, fundamental scientific experience and international character ensures the qualified fulfillment of the most crucial activities of the project – final drafting of the comprehensive system of business-HEI cooperation methods based on advanced EU experience, complex methodological recommendations for such system implementation in other HEI, project website development and maintenance. Due to its federal status, PFUR also has a strong connection to the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation. The rector of PFUR is ex-minister of education in Russian and has great experience in conducting reforms of in this delicate area.This feature greatly contributes to the weight of both the system of methods and legislation correction recommendations, provided to the Ministry for approval.