European added value

The need for European HEI participation is caused by extremely high level of education sector development in general, and particularly the long-term application of different business-HEI cooperation ideas. Universities in Europe are operating in a single educational space that allows them to consistently share their experiences, thus providing a synergistic effect. Deep and comprehensive study of the business-HEI cooperation practices of European universities will allow educational institutions in partner countries to make significant progress in bringing their education systems in line with current European standards. In future this convergence will inevitably lead to greater cooperation between European and partner country companies.

The project is to promote advanced practices and know-how of business-HEI cooperation programs in ENPI HEIs, sharing experience among EU and ENPI partners, building competencies of staff members engaged in cooperation with businesses and promoting entrepreneurship, introducing of which will in long term increase the human potential and entreprenerial activity in both EU and ENPI countries, promote closer interconnections and cooperation among countries and contribute to development of society.

Cooperation among EU and ENPI HEIs in the sphere of business HEI cooperation will provide better understanding of needs of both society and business, as well as provide the universities with instruments to tune to them with great precision. At the same time, national and regional funds do not allocate sufficient funds for the development of integrated programs of this magnitude, both because of the long time required to reorient budgetary funds, and because of direct lack of money.