Dissemination and exploitation strategy

The project includes a complex of dissemination and exploitation measures to ensure positive results. The first stage of the project results in publishing a joint report on global overview EU experience of business-HEI cooperation forms application and business requirement analysis in Kazakhstan and Russia, which will be distributed in the education community for review. It serves as a base for an important dissemination event – a university-business web conference will be conducted to ensure the involvement of business community into the project research process. The minutes and results of this event will also be distributed among the HEI’s.
The second stage results will be laid down in final draft of complex business cooperation system and published in the form of application methodology guideline handbook for administrative and teaching staff.  At this moment the exploitation procedures start with forming the infrastructure necessary for pilot application of composed system. These involve alumni network finalization and creation in partner universities and finalizing the project web resource aimed at university cooperation, experience sharing, employment guidance and troubleshooting in the process of implementation of the system to their day-to-day education process. The academic and administrative staff of Partner Country Universities is retrained for implementation ofthe system and further multiplication of this knowledge in partner countries. The dissemination conference is held with the aim to overview the final results of the project and compose a long-term project result sustainability plan. Final exploitation activity is drafting recommendations aimed to improve current legislation for Ministries of Education.
Throughout the process of dissemination and exploitation the roles and responsibilities of consortium are evenly distributed due to their universal character. The activities of joint report preparation are evenly distributed among partner universities, because the research would be conducted by lecturers from each participant. The university-business webinar organization functions will be specified by the Steer Committee during the project life-time basing on the operational situation. All other activities would be conducted jointly by every partner university upon work parts distribution, whereas the moderation of these processes would be done by Working groups elected in the prescribed manner.