Cooperation and communication arrangements of the consortium

The Steer Committee decisions would be made by the President in the interests of the project aims after taking into account the position of the Steer Committee members. The decisions in Working Group would be made on the basis of majority voting.

The overall coordination of the project lies with Working Group as an operations management center. The Working Group would communicate mostly via electronic methods and will govern the completion of task parts in each partner university. It would be responsible for administering the funds received for implementation of the project. The consortium will work on the basis of a detailed partnership agreement delineating administrative and scientific responsibilities, as well as financial contributions of each partner. The Steer Committee is supervising the work of Working Group during periodic monitoring of the project progress, and would assure not only the scientific quality of the work, but also will have a role in conflict resolution.

Finally, the annual meeting will executed and headed by Steer Committee and would be used for strategic planning and monitoring of project activities progress, quality control monitoring, planning and realization of project sustainability actions, execution of the project dissemination strategies. It would also deal with any shifts in the work plan, would that be required in order to ensure the timely fulfilling of the project.

The agreement between partner universities would be concluded at the kick-off meeting and shall cover such issues as obligations and rights partner universities, obligations of the visiting researchers, responsibilities of the sending institutions and conflict resolution mechanisms. The latter would presumably include the preliminary discussion at the level of Working Group with the aim of finding a solution. However, if such is not found, the Steer Committee is involved and makes the final decision for the issue. This decision would not be appealed and has to be executed by the partner universities (such provision would be in the agreement).