Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

      Al-Farabi Kazakh National University  (KazNU)  was founded in 1934. It is the leading institution of higher education and one of the main research centers of Kazakhstan. The University is distinguished by the rich diversity of its subject spectrum. It has 15 functioning faculties, 9 natural sciences and technical research institutes and laboratories, 17 research institutes and centers of social and humanitarian profile at faculties and a techno-park. The University has academic staff of around 2000 professors, doctors, candidates of sciences and PhDs engaged in training more than 18000 undergraduate and graduate students. The  University  has  partnership  relations  with  more  than  460  HEIs  in  48  countries  worldwide.  According to QS World University Rankings 2016 KazNU held the position among top 300 universities being ranked 236th.  KazNU is a member of wellknown organizations as IAU,  EAU,  WUC, Signatory  of  the  Magna  Charter  Universitatum,  SEFI,  IAESTE,  Eurasia-Pacific  UNINET, IREG and WAAS, and  Global Hub of the United Nations Academic Impact Program on Sustainability.  KazNU successfully cooperates for many years with European university partners in the EU projects. For the first time in Central Asian region, world famous company “Hewlett-Packard” established a modern academic and research center in KazNU. Also there have been launched educational and R&D centers of the worldwide recognized companies, such as “Samsung”, “Cisco”, “Konica Minolta”, “Microsoft”, “Alcatel” , which have been operating successfully. In the university also operates Center of Career and Business, which annualy conducts job fairs, exhibitions, where students and potential employers have possibility to meet and exhange contact information. Also there is KazNU Employers’ Council which consists of the largest companies of Kazakhstan, presenting different fields of activity and economy of the country.
KazNU is one of the key actors in the current project, participating in almost all project activities and executing major parts of all working packages. This position is basing on the fact that KazNU is the leading Kazakhstan university with expertise in all areas of project scope of interests – connections with employers, experience in active and practical methods, intention of increasing the education level to high standards of European Union, practical orientation of study processes. Due to close connection of KazNU to the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan, the university has large experience in aiding the latter with drafting the regulations of country regulations. Therefore one of the greatest specific duties of KazNU in the project would be the participation in creating the crucial outcome documents – Joint overview report of EU experience, business-HEI cooperation system and recommendations for legislation correction in both partner countries.